This cute outdoor kitchen area just proves you don’t need a huge space to make outdoor living a pleasure, this Egg kitchen is a great use of space, set into the existing stone wall, we used oak sleepers for edging and shelving, slate for the work top for preparing food and serving. The Egg is multifunctional and can be used as a BBQ, Oven, smoker and Pizza oven and is a great addition to any outdoor space.

A separate area for relaxation away from the dinning area is a must have, a space where you can read a book and relax with a cup of tea, this seating area grabs the lasts of the evening sunshine. Comfy cushions and throws create a luxurious feeling and surround with scented flowers and herbs to add to the relaxation zen!!!

This seating area utilises an existing garden space and enable the owners to relax whilst watching the children play, it’s a really good idea to zone your outdoor spaces if you can even if you have a small space as it creates a sense of adventure and discovery.

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