We started out with an old allotment patch and green house at the bottom of the garden, when we bought the house the garden had largely been unkept and included an old shed that had been there for about 50 years and was a little worse for wear. The garden slanted down to one side and used to have a lot of retained water, so we completed a bit of a garden makeover, which is still ongoing as we keep adding new areas!!

Keeping the main entertaining and dining area closer to the house, the office was built at the end of the garden and handmade to fit the space we had available using a timber structure, the build in total including interiors and electric took around 5 weeks to complete. We wanted to create a space with a modern rustic feel using some of our favourite local brands.

We used a combination of materials for the inside such as weathered tin for cladding parts of the interior walls, this was recycled from the original shed as we wanted to save an element of what was in the garden before and felt a little of the gardens history has been retained.

We used a reclaimed beautiful old work bench which is 11ft long from Toby Reclamation Yard. We have left almost as it was, just giving it a light sand to retain much of its original charm. local brand Forest and Co are great for lighting! we love our rustic wood and gold wall lights.

The original filing cabinet and repurposed brick drying tray, are from Relish Lifestyle, they have lots of charming on off pieces.

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